Graduation FAQ

Graduation Registration - Attending or Not Attending

For students graduating at Aberystwyth, Wales, please consult the relevant FAQ at 

  1. Am I eligible to come to Graduation?
    You are eligible to attend Graduation if you have completed your degree successfully before the end of June.  Students who complete their degree successfully after the beginning of July will be eligible to attend the next Graduation ceremonies in July of the following year.

  2. How do I register for Graduation?
    You will be asked  by email  to log on to your Student Record on the web to complete the Graduation Registration process which will appear as a button under the 'My Tasks' heading on the front page of your Student Record by the beginning of April.  If you have not received an email or the task does not appear on your Student Record on the web then you should contact us at and we will advise you further.  The deadline for completing the Graduation Registration task is the 30 April at the latest.  If you do not complete the Graduation Registration process by this date we cannot guarantee you a place at Graduation. 

  3. What if I no longer have access to my Student Record?
    Almost all taught students should have access to their Student Record as long as you are using the same email ID and password as you had when you were registered last.  If you were awarded your degree since October last year you should be able to access your record and click on the 'Graduation' task. If you do not receive an email or you cannot access your Student Record you should contact for further information and help.

  4. What if I don't want to go to the Graduation Ceremony?
    It is not compulsory to attend the Ceremony you can opt to graduate in absentia, and to do so all you need to do is complete the Graduation task on Your Student Record online when it is available.  It is essential that you complete the task so that we know that the details we will print on your final degree Certificate are correct and that the address we will post it to is also correct.

  5. I have missed the Graduation Registration deadline of 30 April, what should I do?
    If you want to come to the ceremony you must contact us immediately by emailing and we will do our best to try and accommodate you and your guests however it depends on how many places we have left in your ceremony.  In your email to you should give us your full name as you would like it to appear on your degree certificate, your student reference number and your study scheme details. 

    If you do not wish to attend the ceremony but missed the 30 April deadline to inform us you should email immediately.  You will need to confirm your full name as you would like it to appear on your Certificate, your student reference number, your study scheme details and the address you would like the Certificate to be posted.

  6. Am I able to defer attending a Graduation Ceremony?
    If you do not wish to attend Graduation in the July of your final year of study, you are permitted to defer your attendance for one year only and ask to come to the July Graduation ceremony the following year.  However to do this you must contact before the 30 April deadline to request to be deferred.  If you do not ask to be deferred or you do nothing you will automatically be deemed to have 'graduated in absentia' and you will not be able to come to any future ceremony.

  7. I have already received my final degree certificate; can I still attend a ceremony?
    Once you have received your degree certificate you are deemed to have 'graduated in absentia'.  This means that you are no longer a 'graduand' and not eligible to graduate at one of the ceremonies.

  8. I may have some outstanding debt owing to the University, can I still attend?
    If you have any outstanding tuition fees owing to the University you will not be allowed to attend Graduation, 'graduate in absentia' or be issued with your final degree certificate until the debt has been cleared in full.  You must ensure you have paid all debts by the end of May.  If you are unsure whether you have any debts owing we advise you contact Mrs Nandita Toolsee on or Mrs Krishida Jassadonand on

  9. How do I get a letter to obtain a visa to attend the graduation ceremony?
    Students wishing to graduate at Aber in the UK, travelling with a Mauritian passport will not need to apply for a visa before they travel to the UK if they are coming for less than six months (other countries to check their requirements).  Instead they will be able to request to be admitted as a visitor to the UK at the airport, their passport will be stamped with a ‘Leave to Enter’ stamp which is the equivalent of a visa.  They may be asked to  present supporting documents at the airport such as return flight information, accommodation details, private health insurance, graduation invitation letter – they should therefore travel with this information in their hand luggage.

    Students travelling with any other passport will need to check whether they will need to apply for a visa before they travel to the UK, by following the prompts here    

    Graduation invitation letters (for presentation at the border) are issued by the Certification Office. They need to write to Karen Morgan –

  10. Do I have to pay to attend graduation?
    Students and guests do not need to pay to attend Graduation. However students must pay to hire their gown and for any photography package they have requested. More details to come soon.

Ceremony Information

  1. Where and when will the ceremony be held?
    The ceremony will be held at 2pm on 25 July 2018. The ceremony will be held at the Hilton Hotel, Flic en Flac.  Please follow the signs.

  2. Where do I sit in the Ceremony?
    The seating arrangements are carefully planned so that you arrive on stage when your name is being called.  There will be a team of staff on hand to help you find your seat.  Once seated in your allocated seat please do not change seats with anyone else as this could lead to the wrong name being called out when you are on stage.


  1. How many guest tickets will I be allowed?
    Every graduand (student) who has registered to attend a ceremony will automatically be allocated two guest tickets.  Entry to the ceremony for all guests will be by ticket only.  Graduands do not require a ticket, you will be allocated a seat in the ceremony as long as you have completed the Graduation task on your Student Record by the 30 April deadline.

    Once we have allocated our initial tranche of tickets, it is expected that additional tickets for the ceremony in Mauritius will be available. Students will be contacted during May to indicate how many additional guest tickets they will require.

  2. Where do I collect my guest tickets?
    Your guest tickets will be waiting for you to collect when you register at the Registration Desk at the venue on the day of your ceremony. 


  1. Do I have to wear a robe/gown to my ceremony?
    Yes.  In order to be allowed to attend the ceremony you MUST wear a robe/gown.  If you are not in your robe/gown you will not be allowed to attend the ceremony.

  2. Do I need to order a Robe/Gown before Graduation?
    Yes.  You must order your robe/gown before Graduation to ensure that one will be there for you on the day.  The University’s robe supplier is Wippell’s. You will be contacted by campus staff in May to place your gown order.

  3. When do I collect my Robe/Gown?
    You will collect your robe/gown on the day of your ceremony.  Staff will be on hand to direct you to the robing area.  Robes/gowns will be available from 10.30am on the day of the ceremony. Gowns must be returned promptly after the social event following the ceremony.

  4. What do I need to bring with me to collect my robe/gown?
    You will need to provide photo ID  (e.g. Aber Card), at the point of collection. You must also bring the email confirming you have placed a gown order.

  5. How do I wear my cap and robe?
    The robing staff will be on hand to help you and ensure you are dressed correctly.  For comfort and practicality we recommend that you wear a top or shirt that buttons to the neck, as this makes it easier to attach your hood.  A supply of hair grips is also advisable to help secure your cap.

Graduation Day

  1. What time should I arrive on the day?
    You should arrive early enough in order to give yourself enough time to complete registration and collect your robe without having to rush.  Remember that it will be busy and you may have to queue for registration and robes.  Registration for the ceremony will begin at 10.30 am in the morning.

  2. When do I need to be at the venue?
    You are asked to present yourself for rehearsals at the Great Hall before the ceremony starts.

  3. What do I do first?   
    Your first task should be to register.  You can do so at the venue itself. 

  4. What do I do if I am late?  
    If you arrive late and you have missed registration you should go along to the Registration Desk immediately where staff will be on hand to help.

  5. What does registration involve?
    When you register you will be given your identity card bearing your name and seat number, a degree certificate collection ticket and your guest tickets.  Please keep your identity card safe as you will need to hand it to the Chief Marshal as you go on stage to receive your degree in the ceremony.

  6. How do I know what to do during the ceremony?
    You are asked to present yourself for your rehearsal before the ceremony.

    It is essential for all graduands to attend the rehearsal to ensure they are aware of the conduct of the ceremonies. Rehearsals last about half an hour. Please ensure you are sitting in the correct seat number as shown on your identity card which you will have collected when you registered. The rehearsal will begin at 12pm on the day of the ceremony.

  7. Do I sit anywhere in the ceremony?
    No, it is important that you sit in the seat number allocated to you.  Your seat number will be printed on your identity card which you collect at registration.  It is important you keep this card safe as you will be asked to hand it to the Chief Marshal before you go on to the stage.  If you are unsure about which seat you should sit in there will be member of staff on hand to help you.

  8. What do I need to take with me to the ceremony?
    You need to be dressed correctly in your robe.  Please ensure you have your identity card (given to you when you registered); you will need to hand this in to the Chief Marshall before you go on stage.

    Please note that, once you have been presented for and admitted to your degree, you will not necessarily return to the same seat that you occupied at the start of the ceremony. Therefore please avoid carrying handbags, cameras etc. with you during the ceremony.

  9. What does the ceremony involve?
    In the ceremony, you will be “presented” to the Pro Vice-Chancellor by a Presenter who will read out your name and the names of your fellow students being admitted to the same degree. When your name is called, you will walk across the stage and shake hands with the Pro Vice-Chancellor. You will then return to be seated. When all admissions to your particular degree have been completed, you will be asked to stand to receive the Greetings of the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University.

    -The Chief Marshal will collect you from your seats when it is time to go on stage to be presented to the Pro Vice-Chancellor.
    -Follow the Chief Marshal and stay in the order you have been placed.
    -The Presenter will read the names of each student.
    -When your name is read out you will walk towards the Pro Vice-Chancellor, where you will shake his hand. Upon leaving the stage you will also shake the hand of your scheme lead.
    -The Chief Marshal will take you back to be seated.
    -When all presentations to a particular degree have been completed (e.g. all BA candidates), all those graduates will be asked to stand to be admitted to their degree by the Pro Vice-Chancellor and to receive his Greetings.

  10. Can I leave as soon as I get my degree?
    Except in an emergency, graduands (students) are expected to remain seated throughout the ceremony.

  11. How long does a ceremony last?
    The ceremony will last approximately 1 hour.  There is also a 30 minute rehearsal before the ceremony which graduands must attend.

  12. How do I get a commemorative programme and how much are they?
    Printed programmes will be available at registration and at the entrances to the Great Hall.  They are free of charge for all graduands and guests.

  13. Can I collect my Degree Certificate on the day?
    Yes, as long as you registered to say you were attending before the 30 April deadline your final Degree Certificate will be waiting for you to collect, after you have graduated, at the venue.

  14. What happens after the ceremony?
    Immediately after the ceremony you are invited to congregate outside for a departmental photograph with your lecturers and tutors. There will also be a drinks and canapes reception in the grounds of the hotel.

Degree Certificates

  1. When will I receive my degree certificate?
    If you registered to say that you will be attending graduation your Degree Certificate will be available for you to collect after your ceremony at the Registration desk.

    If you registered to say you would not be attending graduation your Degree Certificate will be posted to the home address recorded on your Student Record within 6 weeks of graduation taking place.

  2. Where is my certificate posted to if I choose not to go to graduation?
    Degree certificates are posted to the home address recorded on your Student Record at the end of July.  Please ensure you check your address details before the end of June to ensure we post it to the correct address. 

  3. I forgot to pick up my Degree Certificate, what do I do now?
    Don't worry, any uncollected Degree Certificates will be posted out to the recorded home address on your Student Record.  Please note it can take up to 6 weeks for all certificates to be posted.

  4. It has been more than 6 weeks since graduation and I haven't received my certificate?
    Please email the Certification section of the Academic Quality and Records Office on with your details.

  5. My degree certificate has been lost or destroyed, how do I order a replacement?
    Graduates can obtain their replacement certificates by registering at 

Guests and Visitors

  1. Where do we collect our guest tickets?
    The guest tickets are given to the graduand (student) when they register at the Graduation Registration Desk before the ceremony.  Attendance at the ceremony is by ticket only.

  2. Can I and my guests take photographs during the ceremony?
    Yes, graduands and guests are permitted to take photographs during the ceremony.

  3. Where can we park?
    Hotel staff will be on hand to direct visitors to the available car parks. 

  4. Is there a provision for disabled guests?
    Students whose guests have special requirements are asked to complete the section called 'Special Requirements' on the Graduation task on the Student Record during April, giving as much information as possible in order for us to ensure we make appropriate arrangements.  University staff may also contact you nearer the time of the ceremonies to confirm arrangements.  Students who have problems accessing this task should contact Ms Nandita Toolsee with details of the special requirements.