Students in a seminarThis degree scheme prepares you for a career in law or can act as a gateway to many other careers. The first year lays the foundation for legal study, looking at key concepts, and introducing several major areas of law, including criminal, contract and European law, and the Legal System. In the second and third years the core modules are Public Law, Land Law, Law of Tort and the Law of Equity and Trusts. In addition, there are numerous optional modules available in different areas of law to choose from.

The LLB is a qualifying law degree for the purposes of the legal professional bodies in the United Kingdom provided the relevant modules are passed. Our specialist LLB degrees are more specific in their focus on a particular area of law, and include: Business Law (M140); Criminal Law (M131); European Law (M120) and Human Rights (M990).

Accredited with the TEC

Themed LLB Degree Schemes

The Department offers a number of themed or specialist LLB degrees. These schemes have been carefully designed both to introduce you to core legal concepts and also to allow you to concentrate your studies in a specialist area of law by choosing appropriate optional modules and by writing a dissertation on your chosen specialist area.

  • LLB (Hons) Criminal Law (M131)
  • LLB (Hons) European Law (M120)
  • LLB (Hons) Business Law (M140)
  • LLB (Hons) Human Rights (M990)

All themed degree schemes follow the same format as the single honours LLB in terms of the core professional modules and are therefore qualifying law degrees for professional purposes. However, the choice of optional modules is designed to ensure that the student achieves a greater level of specialism than on the M100 LLB degree.

Accredited with the TEC

Key Facts
Degree type: LLB (Hons)
Course code: M100 / M131 / M120 / M140 / M990
Duration: 3 years
Entry requirements: 300 points or 24 HSC grade aggregate